Content References

Content referencing (conref) is a convenient mechanism to reuse content from other files or books.

Importing local files

Importing an other file's content is easy using the include tag:

{% include "./" %}

Importing file from another book

HonKit can also resolve the include path by using git:

{% include "git+" %}

The format of git url is:


The real git url part should finish with .git, the filename to import is extracted after the .git till the fragment of the url.

The commit-ish can be any tag, sha, or branch which can be supplied as an argument to git checkout. The default is master.


Template inheritance is a way to make it easy to reuse templates. When writing a template, you can define "blocks" that child templates can override. The inheritance chain can be as long as you like.

block defines a section on the template and identifies it with a name. Base templates can specify blocks and child templates can override them with new content.

{% extends "./" %}

{% block pageContent %}
# This is my page content
{% endblock %}

In the file, you should specify the blocks that can be extended:

{% block pageContent %}
This is the default content
{% endblock %}

# License

{% include "./LICENSE" %}