Setup and Installation of HonKit

Getting HonKit installed and ready-to-go should only take a few minutes.

Local Installation


Installing HonKit is easy and straightforward. Your system just needs to meet these two requirements:

  • NodeJS (v10.0.0 and above is recommended)
  • Windows, Linux, Unix, or Mac OS X
Install with NPM

The best way to install HonKit is via NPM or Yarn At the terminal prompt, simply run the following command to install HonKit:

$ npm install honkit --save-dev
# or
$ yarn add honkit --dev

⚠️ Warning:

  • If you have installed honkit globally(--global) you must install each plugins rule globally(--global) as well
  • If you have installed honkit locally you must install each plugins locally as well

We recommend installing honkit locally.

Create a book

HonKit can setup a boilerplate book:

$ npx honkit init

If you wish to create the book into a new directory, you can do so by running honkit init ./directory

Preview and serve your book using:

$ npx honkit serve

Or build the static website using:

$ npx honkit build

You can also define build and serve command in package.json as npm-run-scripts.

  "scripts": {
    "build": "honkit build",
    "serve": "honkit serve"

After this configuration, you can use npm run command.

# Build 
npm run build
# Start to server
npm run serve

You can use the options --log=debug and --debug to get better error messages (with stack trace). For example:

$ honkit build ./ --log=debug --debug